Hillcrest Farmers Market

The Hillcrest Farmers Market is located on the intersection of Normal Street and Lincoln Avenue — with over 175 vendors, you’ll find wonderous fruits, veggies, flowers, gifts and prepared food to satisfy your hearts desire. Visit the Hillcrest Farmers Market website HERE

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Hillcrest Lunch Loop Menu

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Park Hillcrest



Fabulous Hillcrest is HAPPY to announce that Park Hillcrest has recently added the Hillcrest Community Valet to the nieghborhood!

Parking just go a little bit sweeter with the Community Valet every weekend, Friday- Sunday. For just $5 you can forget the hassle of parking and have your car parked for you , like the celebrity that you are.

Don’t forget about the ParkHillcrest  FREE trolley program! After you Valet your car, jump on the trolley and take a ride down to the east end of town where you can visit the Hillcrest Egyptian Quarter, fabulous restaurants and boutique stores. The FREE trolley will run from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM every Friday through Saturday and from 9 AM – 2 PM every Sunday.

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Fabulous Hillcrest Specials

Shop, dine and play in Hillcrest, there are tons of options throughout the neighborhood!

Fab Hillcrest Specials

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